Porcelain asthma inhaler

Rauenstein, Germany, Johann Georg Greiner, 1850. Blue and white swiebelmotief (Germany art-deco) decorative style for which this company was known. With the Greiner & Sons mark in blue underglaze. All parts complete and in magnificent condition. Item #14116

The inhaler was designed to heat water and other essences such as camphor for nasal and oral inhalation. It is featured in the book Die Samlung of B. Olonetzky.” A similar item is in the Swiss Pharmaceutical Museum in Basel, Switzerland.

In 1739 Johann Georg Greiner obtained a concession from the Duke Georg of Saxony-Meiningen to open a porcelain factory, together with his son. They produced many items of decorative porcelain, but only very few medical items. We have not found any copies of this asthma inhaler in our researches.

Price: $4,500.00

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