Document signed. 1 page (256 x 410 mm.) .

Washington: July 28th, 1838. Folded, small hole in 1 fold not affecting any printing or manuscript. Seal intact. Item #14366

Land grant of eight acres to John Jarret (?) Johnson of a parcel located in Shawneetown, Illinois. Public lands were allowed to be sold pursuant to an act of Congress of April 24, 1820. As such, this grant was signed by the President as well as the (acting) Recorder of the General Land Office.

Van Buren (1782-1862) was the eight president of the United States. He served as Secretary of State under President Jackson, and later as Jackson’s Vice-President, becoming Jackson’s most trusted advisor. His presidency was shadowed with economic hardship, and he was voted out of office after one four-year term. .

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