“Sexual selection in relation to monkeys.” In Nature, Volume VX, November 1876 to April 1877, pp. 18-19.

London and New York: Macmillan and Co. 1877. FIRST EDITION. Half-calf and marbled boards; an excellent copy with the bookplate of Charles Edward Fewster of Hull. Item #14434

First printing of Darwin’s original paper discussing sexual selection in his 1871 work Descent of man, stating that the case of the “brightly-coloured hinder ends and adjoining parts of certain monkeys” was the most interesting and perplexing to him. He quotes a work by Johan von Fischer, partly published in Der zool. Garten., April, 1876, dealing with the expression of monkeys under various emotions, “which is well worthy of study by any one interested in the subject.” An interesting article on an interesting subject.

Also included in this volume are two reviews of Darwin books, as follows: (1) Review of the second edition of Geological observations on the volcanic islands and parts of South America, London, Smith, Elder and Co., 1876, by John W. Judd. pp. 289-290; and (2) Review of The effects of cross- and self-fertilisation in the vegetable kingdom, London, Murray, 1876, by W. T. Thiselton Dyer, pp. 329-332.

In addition, there are two testimonials to Darwin. The first, p. 356, is a testimonial on Darwin’s sixty-ninth birthday (a mistake, in that he was sixty-eight in February, 1877) from a group of 154 men of science of Germany, presenting to him an album of their photographs. Darwin also received an album with the photographs of 217 distinguished professors and lovers of science from Holland. The second testimonial (pp. 410-412) comes from Prof. P. Harting of Utrecht University, also on the occasion of Darwin’s birthday, who has sent a letter (along with the photograph album referred to above) from the Directors of the Netherlands Zoological Society, and includes Darwin’s reply.

The volume includes articles by many of the most important scientists of the day.
Freeman, 1773; Freeman, 1776.

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