Group of pamphlets in paleontology and natural history bound together.

[Various]: [Various], [Various]. 4to. FIRST EDITIONS. An important collection of botanical and paleontology papers put together by John Clavell Mansel-Pleydell of Whatcombe, one of the founders and presidents of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. He is well known for his philanthropic commitments for the furtherance of natural history, archaeology and physical sciences in the County of Dorset. Bound together in half calf over marbled boards, occasional browning, otherwise an excellent copy with Mansel-Pleydell's bookplate. Item #10861


TIMBAL-LAGRAVE, M.E. "Une excursion botanique a Cascastel, Durban, et villeneuve dans les corbières." Offprint from Mémoires de l'Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres de Toulouse, 7e série, tome VI, pp. 626-50. Toulouse: Louis & Jean-Matthieu Douladoure, 1874. 8vo. 27 pp.

TIMBAL-LAGRAVE, M.E. " Deuxième excursion dans les Corbières Orientales Saint-Victor, Le col D'Estrem, Tuchan, Vingrau." Offprint from Mémoires de l'Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres de Toulouse, 7e série, tome VII, pp. 438-78. Toulouse: Louis & Jean-Matthieu Douladoure, 1875. 8vo. [i], pp. 438-78.

AVELINE, W. Talbot. Memoirs of the geological survey of Great Britain and of the Museum of Practical Geology. The geology of parts of Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, and Derbyshire. London: Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1861. 4to. 22, [2] pp.

WHITAKER, William. Guide to the geology of London and the neighbourhood. Second edition. London: Longmans & Co., 1875. 8vo. xii, 73, [3] pp. With frontispiece illustrating "section across the London basin" and numerous tables.

HOOKER, J.D. "Lecture on insular floras, delivered before the British Association for the Advancement of Science at Nottingham, August 27, 1866." Offprint from The Gardeners' Chronicle, January, 1867. [London: Bradbury, Evans, and Co., 1867]. 8vo. 12 pp.

PLANCHON, J.-E. "Sur la végétation des terrains silicuex dans les Départments du Gard et de L'Hérault." Offprint from Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France. 4to. 7 pp.

FILHOL, E., JEANBERNAT, E. & TIMBAL-LAGRAVE, E. "Exploration scientifique du Massif d'Arbas (Haute-Garonne)." Offprint from the Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles de Toulouse. Toulouse, Louis & Jean-Matthieu Douladoure, 1875. 4to. 114 pp. With 2 full-page engraved plates (numbered II and III).
"Mémoires originaux." In: Revue des Sciences Naturelles. [Toulouse]. Vol. I. [ca. 1871-72]. Includes:
— JOLY, N. "Études sur les moeurs, le défveloppement et les métamorphoses d'un petit poisson chinois du genre Macropode." pp. 445-473. With 1 folding engraved plate with 24 figures, a few in colour. —LEYMERIE, M. "Description géognostique du versant Méridional de la montagne noire dans l'aude." pp. 474-503. — LORET, Henri. "Des régions botaniques de l'Hérault avec une appréciation préliminaire des causes qui nous privent, depuis un siècle, d'une flore de Montpellier." pp. 504-525.— ESTOR, A. "Des microzymas." pp. 525-548. Travaux Français." Zoologie. pp. 549-603; Botanique. pp. 604-624; Géologie, pp. 624-652. Misc., pp. 652-656. With 3 engraved plates (2 folding and in colour).

The London Geological Journal. Volume I, September, 1846. February, 1847, May, 1847. 132 pp. With 23 engraved plates (2 double-page, 2 folding).

SIMON, Victor. Notice sur la géologie du Dèpartment de la Moselle. [n.p.]: Rousseau-Pallez, 1861. 11pp. With 2 pages of manuscript contents in back.


TIMBAL-LAGRAVE, Edouard (1819-88), botanist and pharmacist of Toulouse, discovered numerous species. The complex cultural cycle for the violet was one of his important find as well as numerous spontaneous hybrids between species of Cistus, discussed by Darwin in his Different Forms Of Flowers On Plants Of The Same Species.

AVELINE, William Talbot (1822-1903), geologist and district surveyor on the geological survey. He exchanged letters with Charles Darwin.

WHITAKER, William (1836-1925), Stratigrapher and hydrogeologist, was associated with the Geological Survey and had correspondence with Charles Darwin.

HOOKER, Joseph Dalton (1817-1911) was arguably the most important British botanist of the nineteenth century. A traveller and plant collector, he was one of Charles Darwin's closest fri;ends and eventually became director of Britain's Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

PLANCHON, Jules Emile (1823-1888), French botanist was the herbarium assistant at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He was also professor of botany at Belgium, professor, school of medicine and pharmacy, Nancy, and at the faculty at Montpellier.

FILHOL, Edouard (1814-1833), did work with Timbal-Lagrave at Toulouse and wrote on botany and mountain plants of Haute Garonne and Arbas regions.

JEANBERNAT, Ernest Jules Marie (1835-1888) botanist from Toulouse, worked with Timbal-Lagrave and Filhol. wrote about geology and botany of the Pyrenees.

From the Revue des Sciences Naturelles:
JOLY, Nicholas (1812-1885) French physician and physiologist. His writings were on fish., especially in China.
LEYMERIE, Alexandre (1801-1878) French geologist who had correspondence with Charles Lyell.
LORET, Henri.(fl. 1870) professor at Montpellier, wrote on the various flowers that grown in the regions of L'Herault.
ESTOR, A.(fl. 1866), was assistant to Béchamp. Together they developed and refined the Theory of Microzymas.
French Zoology, Botany, and Geology by the leading author's of the day with a bibliography on the researchers of Parthenogenese by De Siebold.
SIMON, M. Victor(fl. 1828), geologist at the Départment de la Moselle. His main work was in the Alsace area.

From the London Geological Journal:
Articles by Searles Wood, James Carter (on the occurrence of a new species of Ichthyosaurus in the Chalk), Mantell on prices of Fossils, N.T. Wetherell, Toulmin Smith, Charlesworth; accounts given by Lyell and Professor Owens, discussions by Professor Henslow, Pearce, Cunnington, Buckland, and numerous other notes on fossils.

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