Der Geisteszustand der Hysterischen (Die psychischen Stigmat)

Leipzig & Wein: Franz Deuticke, 1894. 8vo. [iv], 197 pp. FIRST EDITION. With 7 text illustrations. Contemporary cloth-backed marbled boards, in excellent condition. From the collection of Georg Theodor Ziehen (1862-1950), German neurologist and psychiatrist, head physician at the psychiatric clinic in Jena, and well known for the famous Ziehen-Oppenheim syndrome, a familial torsion spasm due to a lesion of the basal ganglia. Item #11274

FIRST EDITION of the German translation of Janet's classic work on the mental state of hystericals, containing the second installment devoted to mental accidents. The first installment on mental stigmata was published in Paris, 1892. Mental accidents were symptoms that were not necessarily characteristic of hysteria. They were relatively transient, accessible to patients who were well aware of the nature (although not the source) of their discomfort, and included subconscious acts, fixed ideas, emotional attacks, tics, ecstasies, somnambulism, and delirium. This work became a classic in psychology, and a masterpiece of clinical description.

Janet (1859-1947), French physician, psychiatrist, and philosopher was a student of Charcot. He was influential in creating a connection between academic psychology and the clinical treatment of mental illnesses. He stressed psychological factors in hypnosis and contributed to the modern concept of mental and emotional disorders involving anxiety, phobias, and other abnormal behaviours. He introduced the words "dissociation" and "subconscious" into psychological terminology and attributed hysteria and hypnotic susceptibility to inherited dispositions toward imbalances in psychic energy and psychic tension.

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