Lettres de deces. L. VAN DER AA.

Lettres de deces

Brussels: [letters date from 1898-1937]. Folio. Printer’s sample book with 43 tipped-in examples of funereal and memorial letters dated between 1898 and 1937. Item #14455

Rare collection of interesting examples of letters of condolence and sympathy to send to the bereaved. When the family of a deceased wanted to step up above placing the same old notice in the obituary pages of the local newspaper, they sent out formal printed letters of their loss. And here we have a slew of samples. Letters are directed to family friends, acquaintances, the nobility and landed gentry, etc., printed by specific name to whom they are sent. The text mentions the deceased (obviously), with the usual added supplements (loving husband, father, grandfather, uncle, etc.) After this information is imparted, one can create their unique letter, including, for example, when and where the burial took (or will take) place, additional funeral information, when mass will be celebrated, and related facts that might be important. Of particular interest are the different ways of starting your letter (still is the most difficult part today). As an example, you might wish to start: “We have the honor to inform you of the painful loss of....” or your “It pains us to have to share the cruel loss of....” Many are quite touching. Also included are printed responses to sympathy letters.

Van der aa (1899-1949?) was the printer and lithographer to the Court of Brussels. This collection was gathered to be used as examples for customers.

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