XXe siecle. No. 5-6. (offered with) No. 41. Gualtieri DI SAN LAZZARO.
XXe siecle. No. 5-6. (offered with) No. 41
XXe siecle. No. 5-6. (offered with) No. 41

XXe siecle. No. 5-6. (offered with) No. 41

Paris: 1939; 1973. Two volumes. Folio. 50; 192, [12] pp. FIRST ENGLISH EDITION AND FIRST EDITION. I: With an original color lithograph by Ernst, an original color gravure by Power, a grave by Gino Severini, an etching by Marcoussis and a woodcut after Kandinsky. Original printed wrappers; overall in excellent condition.
II: Complete with all photographs and lithographs. Publisher’s illustrated binding; an excellent copy. Item #17317

I: English edition of the most groundbreaking publication of the twentieth-century art world. The founder, Walter of St Lazarus, or Gualtieri di San Lazzaro, was an Italian art historian, author, and collector who traveled to Paris to be part of the of the early modernist art scene, with French and Spanish painters such as Picasso, Miro, Chagall and Rouallt congregating there to share their newer, edgier, avante-garde work. Gualiteri’s journal was produced sporadically, with each issue created around a particular region or artist, commissioned with unique articles by leading or associated thinkers, poets, as well as unique lithographic prints by the chosen artist for that edition alone. Only sixty issues of the Review were ever produced.

One of Gualitieri's key passions was what was later called 'the democratization of art' - or, the ability for art to be seen, experienced, and owned outside of the elite Parisian, New York and London galleries. The Xxe magazine is regarded as a pivotal moment in the development of a modern sensibility towards art, as well as providing artists with a whole new method of reaching their audience.

II: First edition. Number 41 displays special lithographs by Hans Hartung and Robert Indiana. The first part, Panorama 73, contains articles on artists Georges Braque, Picasso, Hartung, Graham Sutherland, and others; the second part focuses on American artists and the current trends in American art. Part 3, Chroniques du jour, contains reviews of exhibitions worldwide. This issue was published the year before San Lazzaro’s death.

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