26 offprints on genetics and evolution from the Friday evening discourses of the Royal Institution

London: 1854-1965. 8vo. All are sewn or stapled as issued, without wrappers, in excellent condition. Item #17489

The Royal Institution of Great Britain was founded in 1799 and has had a long and fruitful role both in scientific research and scientific communications. Some of the scientists from the Royal Institution include Humphrey Davy and Michael Faraday in the first half of the nineteenth century, through to the earliest of the fifteen Nobel laureates at the Institution: J.W. Strutt, J.J. Thomson, Rutherford, W.H. and W.L. Bragg, and H.H. Dale in the first half of the twentieth century. It has been remarked that of all places on Earth, the Institution has seen the greatest number of discoveries per square metre.

In 1826, Faraday instituted the Friday Evening Discourses designed to aid in the dissemination of science to a wider scientific audience. These continue to this day, and along with afternoon lecture courses have provided a platform for the major scientific figures of the day to discuss their work. Discourses varied from describing work in progress through to the announcement of new discoveries, often before their publication elsewhere.

Since 1851, Friday Evening Discourses have been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Institution. Given their importance, many were subsequently published in book form, but offprints of the original Discourses take precedent and, being produced in limited numbers for the use of members, have become quite scarce.

The following is a list of 26 offprints from the Friday Evening Discourses of works in evolution and genetics. All are sewn or stapled as issued, without wrappers, in excellent condition.


1. BATESON, W. Gamete and zygote. February 15, 1918. 4 pp.

2. DANIELLI, J.F. Some new approaches to inheritance and evolution. February 5, 1960. 6 pp.

3. DARWIN, Charles. Some episodes in Darwin’s voyage on the “Beagle.” March 6, 1960. 14 pp., including 1 full-page map.

4. DULBECCO, R. Infectious heredity and man’s future. February, 1964. 11 pp.

5. FORD, E.B. The study of evolution by observation and experiment. March 15, 1957. 9 pp.

6. GALTON, Francis. Generic images. April 25, 1879. 10 pp.

7. GALTON, Francis. The visions of sane persons. May 13, 1881. 12 pp.

8. GALTON, Francis. Personal identification and description. May 25, 1888. 15 pp. With 11 text figures.

9. GALTON, Francis. The just-perceptible difference. January 27, 1893. 14 pp.

10. GREENWOOD, P.H. Explosive speciation in African lakes. November 27, 1964. 15 pp.

11. HALDANE, J.B.S. The hereditary transmission of acquired characteristics. April 22, 1932. 16 pp.

12. HALDANE, J.B.S. The principles of plant breeding, illustrated by the Chinese primrose. February 21, 1930. 10 pp.

13. HALDANCE J.B.S. The prospects of eugenics. October 27, 1955. 15 pp.

14. HUXLEY, [T.H.] On the methods and results of ethnology. June 2, 1865. 4 pp.

15. KETTLEWELL, H.B.D. Industrial melanism in moths and its contribution to our knowledge of evolution. March 1, 1957. 14 pp. With 6 plates.

16. LANKESTER, Edwin. On the distinctions supposed to limit the vegetable and animal kingdoms. March 24, 1854. 4 pp.

17. MITCHELL, P. Chalmers. Anthropoid apes. May 6, 1904. 3 pp.

18. PENROSE, L.S. Limitations of eugenics. March 29, 1963. 15 pp.

19. POLANI, P.E. The sex chromosomes of man and their anomalies. April 30, 1965. 19 pp.

20. ROLLESTON, George. On the affinities and differences between the brain of man and the brains of certain animals. January 24, 1862. 3 pp.

21. ROMANES, George J. Evolution of nerves and nerv-systems. May 25, 1877. 22 pp.

22. SMITH, G. Elliot. The evolution of the mind. January 19, 1934. 18 pp.

23. THOMSON, Professor J. Arthur. Facts of inheritance. March 30, 1900. 14 pp.

24. WADDINGTON, C.H. Evolutionary systems animal and human. February 27, 1959. 13 pp.

25. WATSON, D.M.S. Africa and the origin of man. November 18, 1949. 6 pp.

26. WESTOLL, Prof. T. Stanley. A crucial stage in vertebrate evolution: fish to land animal. May 12, 1961. 20 pp.

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