Dream book, bridal superstitions

Buffalo: World’s Dispensary Medical Association, [1920s]. Small ephemeral booklet 5 ½ x 4”. 32pp. plus two tear-out pages, one to order The peoples common sense medical adviser and the other for the reader to fill out se. Staple binding, slight toning, covers and some pages detached. An adorable booklet with some questionable advice. Item #18339

Rare informational booklet advertising Dr. Pierce’s expertise in both explaining feminine ailments (such as not finding a suitor) and the advertising of his pharmaceuticals. Everything from dream interpretation (“To dream of domestic animals means a happy return of absent friends. Reconciliation of quarrels. Wild animals mean secret enemies”), “a girl’s complexion,” “the girl developing into womanhood needs Dr. Pierce’s favorite prescription,” and old-time bridal superstitions is interpreted in this booklet. Mini-articles such as “Women who over-work and lift often need favorite prescription,” and “Was confined to bed four weeks – now does housework easily” along with advertisements for their medicines. Little anecdotes are also sprinkled throughout: “A superstition about how a girl can find out if she will soon marry, is as follows: She must find a green pea-pod with exactly nine peas in it, and hang it over the door of a room or entry-way without letting anybody know about it; she must then watch the door and see who goes through first. If it is an unmarried young man, or a bachelor, she will positively be married before the current crop of peas is disposed of; if it is a woman, she will have to sigh in single-blessedness another year,” (page 7).

Dr. V. M. Pierce (1865-1941) was the son of Dr. R. V. Pierce, the inventor of “Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery,” a medicine that can cure everything from coughing to constipation. Dr. V. M. Pierce took over his father’s hospital (Pierce Invalid Home in Buffalo) at the turn of the century and was president of the World’s Dispensary Medical Association, along with being the first president of the Auto Club of Buffalo. (newspapers.com)

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