North American Mallophaga.

Palo Alto: Stanford University, 1896. Two works in one. 8vo. [iv], [31]-168; [431]-552 pp. FIRST EDITION. With 14 plates in the first work and 14 plates in the second, each containing numerous figures. Original publisher’s cloth; excellent condition. Item #188

First edition in book form of two articles that appeared as Nos. IV (March 17, 2896) and VII (November 12, 1896) of Contributions to Biology from the Hopkins Seaside Laboratory, published by Stanford. One of the earliest scientific works on mallophaga, or chewing lice. Prof. Kellogg provides an introduction, including a bibliography, of both European and American mallophaga, and describes the structure, life history and habits, and distribution, including a list of hosts. The reader will enjoy a complete systematic discussion of the pests, which includes a fascinating narrative on their position within the insect kingdom. The second article updates the list of hosts, and further delves into the mallophagous mouth-parts, which are compared to the mouth-parts of allied insects. The illustrations are truly scary, especially if you or your family has ever encountered the little pests.

Kellogg (1867-1937), an eminent entomologist was the leading authority on the systematics and evolution of lice as well as on silkworms. “He was one of the first to promote a genetics-based view of Darwinism through his many publications and books; these efforts represented an important stepping-off point for the eventual emergence of the Neo-Darwinian synthesis” (Biographical Memoirs, National Academy of Scienves, 1938).

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