BURROUGHS, Joseph Birkbeck, M.D.

Titan, son of Saturn; The coming world emperor.   Oberlin: The Emeth Publishers, 1909

8vo. 450 pp. Blue cloth, gilt. $25.00

Sixth edition. A religious fantasy novel. Chapter titles include: The escape from the dragon; The week after the resurrection; The Jewish Pesach; Faith in God; Antichrist; The great persecution; The kingdom of Satan; The third woe, and The kingdom of God. "The Titan revealed in this volume, is a character the Bible says is to appear in the future history of nations. A young Greek Hebrew with an army is to conquer the world, and then proclaim himself the promised Jewish Messiah." This book is not merely a tale, its also has the purpose to compell its readers to study the Bible; "The book Titan has been written in the form of a religious story that these coming events may be vividly real to the reader, and lead many to search the Scriptures to see whether these things are so" (preface).

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